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More than just a phrase with us come to Evia and feel the truest definition of hospitality..
 Purpose*<br />


Make your vacation matter. Share your expertise and experiences with our local Greek community. Read More *Optional
Nature<br />


Beautiful seaside vistas majestic mountain peaks the beauty of our land is all around you
Knowledge<br />


You will see and feel our history in Greece the birthplace of knowledge


Come experience the traditional olive harvest virtually unchanged for millennia..

Our Mission

We want you to experience firsthand all that our island has to offer, so we have designed a vacation like no other where you can enjoy all the things that make Evia unique.

You can participate in the olive harvest, as many Greek families do. After harvesting the golden green bounty from the trees, you’ll follow the olives to the processing facility, where you will see them transformed into the product Greeks have based our society around, delicious and nutritious extra virgin olive oil. And, of course, you’ll get to taste the results of your labor!

The tour is strictly for 10 participants in total, as we want to personalize it and thus capitalizing as much as possible the privileges the Greek land has to offer!

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  • The beauty of the country and of the people is stunning. I fell in LOVE with both.
  • “A hidden paradise with great hosts…”
  • “The best way to experience Greek lifestyle!”
  • “Beyond tourist places, living in a blessed island like that, it’s an experience”
  • “A lifetime experience…”
  • “Great food, great way to experience Greek lifestyle, lovely addition”
  • “Each family brought a unique perspective to our time in Greece. They are committed, hardworking, with wonderful values. I wish them all the success and hope to visit them again. God Bless Each of You!”