Who We Are

Welcome to G3 Foods, an integrated food and agro-tourism company located on Evia Island, Greece.

It is our goal to produce the finest food products grown on our island and to expose those from outside of Greece to our island and way of life. Evia is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, with sun drenched beaches, crystal clear waters and a relaxed atmosphere sure to cater to your vacation wants and desires.

We want you to experience firsthand all that our island has to offer

We want you to experience firsthand all that our island has to offer, so we have designed a vacation like no other where you can enjoy all the things that make Evia unique. You can participate in the olive harvest, as many Greek families do. After harvesting the golden green bounty from the trees, you’ll follow the olives to the processing facility, where you will see them transformed into the product Greeks have based our society around, delicious and nutritious extra virgin olive oil. And, of course, you’ll get to taste the results of your labor!

Evia has much more for the visitor to explore besides olives! Some of the most beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters in the entire Mediterranean are located on Evia. There are incomparable vistas from the summit of Mt. Dirfys (6000ft), as well as the crisp alpine climate unique to our island. And the food! From rustic seaside tavernas to gourmet city restaurants, the dining options on Evia rival anywhere in Greece,

Whether you prefer harvesting olives, sipping a beverage by the water, enjoying the bounty of the land and sea, or taking in the incredible views, Evia is waiting for you to explore!

Your Friends In Greece


Tasos Vourgas

CEO co-founder

Tassos Vourgas grew up in Euboea amidst the olive groves belonging to his family for several generations. As a child, he was introduced to the culture of this blessed tree which provided the whole village with prosperity and smiles. Just as a game originally and helping his parents later on, he drubbed laden branches, picked olives, saw the first oil extracted and tasted it each and every year; strong, fresh and peppery. The rite has never stopped. Not even during his University years.


Ilias Fylaktou


He was born in a small village close to Evia. He learned that happiness lies in simple things and that looks for ever since.

Loves the beauty of his village, in summer swims in cold crystal waters and jumps from clifs, in winter he does snowboard on whites mountains. He loves food and wine but beyond all of these he enjoys sharing all of these moments with old and new friends.

Σας καλωσορίζω στο τόπο μου ( I welcome you to my birthplace )


Chris Efstathiou

Food Expertise

Chris was born and raised in Chalkida, the capital city of Evia. After he finished the high school he entered the local university to continue his studies as a Mechanical Engineer. After completing his postgraduate studies (MSc in Mechanical Engineering) he gained an extensive working experience in multinational companies on construction industry. However, his love about Evia and its goods, led him quit his job and open one of the first stores with organic foods, Grecoherb (www.grecoherb.com) …His love on food science combined with his passion on Evia made him soon to join G3foods and the agro tourism part.  Along with Tassos, Elias, Fanis and Andreas promises to give his best for a lifetime experience….


Fanis Korlos

Marketing Planner

Fanis was born and raised in Schimatari, a small village near Chalkida city. He loves nature and especially the mountains. What excites him the most is walking in the woods and listening to the wind whistling through the trees. He loves to spend time with good friends, having fun and drinking his favorite drink Tsipouro. For the past two years he has been part of a family business which cultivates Goji Berry and pomegranates. Along with the other team members, he will do his best so that you enjoy your stay in Evia.

Their career paths crossed, common interests made them friends and their love for Greek food and olive oil led them to make a life-changing decision. To follow their heart and pursue their vision: To share among with their team and partners the beauty and uniqueness of an undiscovered island, Evia. To be learnt and discovered by other people. E v e r y o n e ! This is G3 foods . These are the people of G3 foods. Together with their partners, ready to proudly sign under what it is they provide. G3 foods is not just another Greek company offering excellent vacations. It is a place housing the dreams and love for Evia and its goods of two people who finally decided to turn their passion into vocation. The values and passion of these two is the yeast for the “recipe” called G3 foods. A “recipe” with a strong personality, just like Greek food at a Sunday table; with all the family gathered around.